Market crash

Hello everybody,,

Two days after I have updated my blog the stock markets around the world started crashing ..I am not going to talk about it as you all should know where did that come from..I truly hope this problem will be solved at the end of the panic and open eyes of every irresponsible borrower and margin game players..Hopefully housing prices will get to normal and responsible families and savers will afford house without massive mortgages..

Good luck


No trading account

Hi folks, it was my longest gap in updating trading blog..I have not been trading since last year and even when I look at the recent commodity market it make me feel good because if I was in the game I would lose all my money due failing prices …I don’t even think I will start trading anytime soon  because geopolitical and currency situation don’t make me feel very confident in the market place..There is a big price confusion created by printing  and devaluation of paper money..Greece was forced to take another bailout of  fake money numbers typed in to the computer..They cannot be even bothered to print them… The whole situation money control does not make any sense to me and I think the whole world is on the verge of financial collapse…

I still have few more penny stocks left in my portfolio but there is not much value in them at the moment so I will keep them for long term…Now I own  small independent business as a car mechanic..I found that this is the better way of making living and building community relationship…

Good luck everybody

Time to buy commodities ?

Hi folks, I hope you all have had an amazing times in first quarter of the year 2015… I am sorry if you were waiting too long for the new post ,,but I had to finish my car projects ,, go up the hill to enjoy some time on the skis ,,propose to my spouse and take care of my little daughter…. I am checking currencies rates almost everyday and apart from Russian currency crash and Swiss currency explosion nothing special happened yet..I also realized that some of  the website are still showing old European currencies rates..I am not sure why but make me wonder if some countries like Germany,France or Greece are preparing to go back to their own trading medium of exchange.. When I was looking at the market recently,,I have started thinking about reopening my commodities trading account and do some serious trading ..When I look at the charts ,,I see that all commodities went through a big correction..Contracts of Corn,Soybeans,Wheat,Gold,Silver,Crude Oil  are all down almost 50% from their one years highs.. Maybe it is still too early ,but something is telling me that this may be the beginning of another price rise…It is only my guess and I don’t know what is going to happen so don’t take my opinions very seriously..I will wait a little bit longer to make sure there is no black swan waiting behind the corner ..I am still in the stock market holding few penny stocks but they don’t perform very well..I will keep them until they either bankrupt or move higher.. e-graph_java_portf_vyvoj Thanks for visiting my blog..

Currency war is here !!

Hello people,,quick short update..

I hope you had a nice and smooth start in the New Year…I was very busy enjoying family time and bit of snow activities..Sorry for not updated blog over few months,but as you already know I am car mechanic so my phone never stop ringing..

We are exactly in the point which I have expected for long time..The currency war is here big time now and it is effecting stock market , commodities , economies, peoples lives…Not so long ago Russian country have had experienced huge drop in purchasing power of their currency..This will take down the  world economy and lead us to change our financial systems around the globe…This is the last step before New World Order..

Now you can see Switzerland..

Is smartest independent banking country in the world expecting something to happen…?? Yes they do know there is big change happening already !! Few weeks ago they went out of gold standard and recently they unpegged  Swiss franc from euro..What is that mean or what is it telling you? I definitely know they don’t want to be dragged down with oncoming collapse that is why they slowly separating them self from other countries..

I will stay out of the market until I see that big change happen..I only keep few shares left in my portfolio,,They have all lost about 80% value so at the moment there is no point to sell any of those undervalue stocks

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World war 3 ?

Hi folks,,sorry I have not been updating my portfolio  recently…New life and new business keep me busy so I cannot pay any more attention to the stock market..Although my blog is followed and viewed from people around the world it looks like I will have to reduce my investing and blogging time to minimum if not completely give it up..

World is going bit crazy with all the protests ,wars and financial fears happening now so there is not really point of wasting any time in stock market.You do better if you enjoy your life as much as possible because we have not much time left to the new world…With that small  profit I have made in stock market I am going to stock up my basement with lots of food in case we are going to world war 3…Almost all markets are sinking to the red number and I was forced to reduce my portfolio to a minimum risk..I have sold few stocks  and in my portfolio is left only few not very well performing companies…I will wait until they get out of the red numbers and then probably sell off the rest followed by closing investment account..

I very appreciate your support..


Market review

Hi everybody..Another  brief portfolio update is here..I wish I have more time for blogging but live is setting my way in different direction..Nothing really happened in the market recently and stocks are  slowly climbing up..Gold and silver lost the point of value and you should not be stocking anymore ..All cannabis stock are very low and I think it was trap , that is why I only bought few shares from each company so they  wont effect my portfolio in case they go bust..

Check this out

2014-08-25 21_26_08-Portfolio _ Development - Čičmanec - 9_12_44 p.m.going up slowly but surely

Hope you enjoying my blog..Thank you all for support


Fear economy

Hi everybody,,sorry for delayed update but as you know I am busy with my family and new successfully growing local garage business here in french Alps..I  finally realized that it is the most important step I have done in my life..I was one of those people worrying about world economy ,financial system,poverty so I was ignoring positive side of life in general..Now I am on the good patch to change my POV on life ….There is so many negative thinking people and bad news ( if you search for them ) that in one stage of my life I thought of suffering from heart attack..I gave up on all of that negativity spinning around the world and now I feel much better and happier..That is why I started my own business to connect with local people and grow community..Yes I did created strong financial portfolio to protect my family from future disasters and this  allow me to sleep better .. I suffered some financial losses because of fear driven investing decisions thanks to Peter Schiff,,Mike Maloney,Jim Roger and other doomers..I want to start live proactive life full of energy and view of bright future…Of course I will keep in mind everything I found out about our  world economy and geopolitical situation..

Stock market is going down at the moment but does not bother me as  I am trying to think long term..Commodity prices falling as rock especially soybeans and I have no idea why..I am glad to be out of futures market . By now I think my trading account would by a bit disaster  as I was expecting prices going much higher..Gold and silver are going side way without any significant moves..I think there is a big confusion created by american institutions and government so that is why prices have no direction..We are in depression !

See my portfolio equity

e-graph_java_portf_vyvoj (1)

Thank you all  viewers from almost every country in the world..Good luck

Portfolio update

Hi everybody,

I hope you all had a successful times..I was very busy last few weeks so there was no chance to think about markets and my blog..Now i found few minutes to share few info with all my followers..

Not much is happening in the market and my portfolio is going more sideways in consolidation than upside..I have sold some of the companies in my portfolio like (Headwaters incorporation,,Sunpower corp and Calpine corp..)..I did it just to take some profits out of stock market…Maybe I will buy them back on correction as stocks are making new highs I am expecting a little down fall..Gold is not making any significant move..I think it could be time when gold will either skyrocket or drop as stone all the way down to 800 dollars per ounce..To be honest I have no idea what is going to happen and it does not really bother me as I am setting up my new auto garage business here in the Alps  ..I hope i will be able to help and build strong relationship in this small community..That is more important for me than speculating on stock market..Stock market is not free market anymore and it is controlled by big institution which destroy wealth ..

I am just wonder when all the FED and banks actions will end or if it will continue without any consequence ..I am wonder if printing money is normal..What a confusing world we are living in..I have notice and realized that all people  I know around me , got into the debt, are buying  properties and most of them are doing well ..They don’t care what is going to happen in the future..They all live now in the present ..It was only me who always safe money, never get into debt and worried about future..

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Thank for reading and good luck

Market update-crisis

Hello folks..This is a little update of my portfolio..Still not looking good as all small cap stocks keep falling down..There is to many negative news about economy coming out last few days and that is not helping either..My portfolio looks like someone try to take all my money…It is my first biggest portfolio drop  since I have started trading and investing..

Check this out..It is not looking good…Are we in another financial crash already?



Thanks visiting my blog..

What would you do?

Hi folks around the world…I have decided to update my blog as tech market continue to drop ..Maybe I have got trapped in my own confusion again…I have been always saying that market will drop anytime soon,,,but I did ignore it and I did not want to believe it…..Now when I got in with the believe that FED action will drive stock prices up,,the market  does the opposite..I am already confused…Is it my fault?…Maybe I should stop doing all of those gambling type businesses…Since I have started learning about trading and investing my life changed..I spent thousands hours of studying books and analyzing markets charts in front of computer…I have realized that instead of any progress forward in my financial life I have wasted  about 6 years with about 20% loss of my capital….( expenses ; books,seminars,brokers commissions,bank fees,currency exchange losses and investment losses )….I have lost couple of thousands dollars in commodity trading,,,Than I have lost couple of thousands dollars in silver market and now it looks like the sky is falling in stock market..I am still in nice profit in the stock market and I still believe in rising prices,,but will it be before I start selling them ? Should I add more shares to my portfolio? Or should I just cash out what is left on the table and quit investing as well ? I know there is millions other thing I can do instead of this rigged game of federal printing presses..I am actually not really surprised that people like Peter Schiff keep repeating them self for years,,but how can they handle that,,how can you live this kind of live..What kind of people like to talk about disasters and collapses everyday,all day,all year round ? I don’t know what to do…Next move I have in my head for years is property investment..There is always a good opportunity to buy land or house without paying attention to price movement…You don’t buy house for profits,,but for meaning of life..Every family have to have place to stay under the roof..But who can afford house without becoming slave of the financial institutions…It would be much better economy if every hard working peoples could buy house for cash in one or two years..Can you imagine the power of freedom..All people would be happy,..more helpful and more productive ..Everything and everyone would prosper to the death.. Just try to close your eyes and try to look on our planet from POV of astronaut….All of us  are like ants without any idea  what is going on here..I have no clue as well but at least I see and feel universe around me..Sun make me happy and keep me warm,,Moon make me crazy and Mars make me wonder…Who know what else effect our minds World is owned by people with big BALLS and not those living in fear like 99% of us..This is a  fight for survival… Look at my portfolio e-graph_java_portf_vyvoj (2) Thanks and have a good day all